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Les Heures du Jour - a mini doc on recording an impressionistic piano suite in 2023

Les Heures du Jour - a mini doc on recording an impressionistic piano suite in 2023

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''Calming and peaceful, Frerick den Haan’s composition explores the grandeur found in quietude''. - Robert Newsome wrote in Bandcamp Navigator about NOIR; (September release)'

''Frerick den Haan's Sketches of Tomorrow is not just a record, it is rather a tribute to life''. - Marco Del Casale, Rockit

''Extremely suitable for anyone who wants to end up in a hyperfocus.'' - 3voor12 Den Haag

''An incredibly refined piece in triangular rhythm. Frerick den Haan as composer and performer demonstrates a high level of playing and composing skills.''. - Music Dances When You Sleep on Book of Symbols


Frerick den Haan is a pianist and composer from The Hague (NL). Escaping the hectic pace of the day, he creates his own world with his compositions in which chaos is transformed into order, creating an escapade to a certain form of tranquility for the mind. Something many of his listeners can relate to. Den Haan continuously experiments in his music with elements from film music, classical music and pop music, consciously seeking out the melancholy of the piano.


Every week he takes a stroll from home through the adjacent woods and dunes and takes the inspiration he gains from there back to his home studio. With only two microphones next to his piano, the ideas flow from his mind right back into the piano.

For his solo piano work, VPRO's 3voor12 hailed him as 'the' biggest surprise of 2023. Early 2024, Downton Abbey's Michelle Dockery curated Frerick's music for her weekly BBC classical radio show Classical Focus

Next to his own music, Frerick has collaborated on solo piano music with Marcus Hikren, scored an animated movie with illustrator Sarah Pannekoek, created music for NFT's with generative designer Beer van Geer and plays keys in the renowed and acclaimed Dutch band Handsome Poets


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