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Frerick den Haan is a Dutch pianist and composer who writes original compositions for solo piano. From an early age he came into contact with the piano that captivates him every day.


In the busy life as a marketer, he plays the piano in the evening to find peace and quietness. This resulted in his first own album for solo piano. Frerick takes you on a night tour with ''Noir'', to the quiet places you can find in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Little things you normally overlook. Recorded from his bedroom it almost feels as if you are sitting next to him.

Robert Newsome wrote in Bandcamp Navigator about NOIR; (September release)''These eight pieces for solo piano explore the beauty and resonance found in small, quiet spaces. Calming and peaceful, Frerick den Haan’s composition explores the grandeur found in quietude''.

Other records from his hands include ''RED'' with the Frerick den Haan Trio.




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